The Tale of Two Women

They could not have been more different.  But each had a need that God met.

The first was affluent, full time Church staff member with a large successful women’s ministry.  But one of her shoulders was frozen and she had a limited range of motion with her arm.  Though she was seeing doctors and physical therapists, there was limited improvement.  She was recommended to us and came.  As we asked the Holy Spirit to reveal to us if there was any impediment to her receiving healing, after a while she shared this with us.

Whenever there was any hint of a possible sickness coming on, she would always go immediately to the computer and do all kinds of research as to what the problem might be and how to treat it.  As we dug a little deeper, it became apparent that her motivation was based on fear of getting sick.  She also acknowledged that her first go to was her ability to figure out the problem through research and doctors rather than going to God.

We led her into a prayer of repentance for fear (the Bible says 365 times not to be afraid) and also for not seeking God first whenever she had a problem.  We then prayed for her shoulder and she immediately got a 50% improvement in her range of motion.  We said, “Let’s pray again.”  Then she said, “Something came to my mind.  I always have said that we live in a broken world because of sin and that sickness is part of being in this world.”  I told her, “You have been prophesying over yourself that sickness is part of being alive.  I encourage you to renounce those words.”  She did so and we prayed again.  Her range of motion improved another 20%.  Though she was not fully healed then, she told us later that her time with us provided the breakthrough for her healing to begin.

To say that the second woman came from a disadvantaged background would be a gross understatement.  Sexually abused by her father and uncle from ages 3 to 9, raped as a young teenager, forced by her mother to marry at age 14 and later came within inches and seconds of murdering three men, two of them being her husbands.  God’s hand miraculously stopped her each time.  On top of that, she was daily in extreme pain from fibromyalgia.  She was desperate because she was seriously contemplating suicide.  She heard about us and set up an appointment.

Because her story takes a little more time to tell, I will have to save it for a future newsletter which I may send out next week.

As you can see, our ministry at Sozo Chattanooga has continued even during the shutdown.  For those who feel led to support Sozo’s ministry, we have a donate button on our website or checks made out to Sozo Chattanooga can be sent to the address below.

Blessings in Christ,
Dan and Iara Pinckney

Sozo Chattanooga, Inc.
3918 Tennessee Ave, Suite #100
Chattanooga, TN  37409
O.  423-648-SOZO (7696)
C.  239-860-1358

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