The Tale of Two Women Pt. 2

In the first part I shared about a woman in Christian ministry who needed physical healing.  These stories are shared by permission.  Because of space I only introduced the second woman with this:

To say that the second woman came from a disadvantaged background would be a gross understatement.  Sexually abused by her father and uncle from ages 3 to 9, raped as a young teenager by a cousin, forced by her mother to marry at age 14 and later came within inches and seconds of murdering three men, two of them being her husbands.  God’s hand miraculously stopped her each time.  On top of that, she was daily in extreme pain from fibromyalgia.  She was desperate because she was seriously contemplating suicide.  She heard about us and set up an appointment.

Iara, my wife and I heard more details of her story.  She had given her life to Christ as a teenager, but seemed to always make wrong choices.  Her first husband started beating her when she wouldn’t give him money for drugs and once put a knife to her throat threatening to kill her.  She ended up leaving him, but then started living with another man who was another bad choice.

She caught him in the act of sexually using her daughter and because of his begging her to forgive him, he let her tie him up.  She began to cut him up with a razor blade.  As she was torturing him in the midst of his screaming, she heard a voice say to her, “Turn on the radio.”  She turned it on and the first words that came out were, “You have to have mercy and forgiveness.  The kids, you have to love them and take care of them.”  But even after hearing that, she put a knife to his throat and tried to push it through but some invisible force kept her hand from being able to plunge it into his neck.  She said to him, “You are so lucky that God must not want you dead,” but later she understood she was the lucky one because she would have been in jail the rest of her life.  She was saved from killing him for her children’s sake. That then stopped her from letting him bleed out and she called the police. 

Later she married another man who promised that if she married him, he would stop using drugs.  Of course, he never fully stopped and one day when she caught him using crack cocaine, which was the drug her first husband would be on when he beat her, she flew into a rage and he slapped her and cut her cheek.  A demon took over her and she, 5’1”, weighing 120 lbs. picked him up, being 5’11” weighing 220 lbs. and threw him over a railing from the second floor.  He survived, but went running away in terror because he said he saw her eyes red. 

On another occasion, when he was doing drugs, she got so angry she threw a plate at him.  One of the pieces was a very sharp shard which she picked up and went after him.  As she was about to slit his throat with it, God placed a picture of her children in her mind between her and him and she couldn’t go through with it.  She said there was constantly a dark voice telling her to kill him because he was making her suffer and didn’t deserve to live, but she would call out to God to help her and take those thoughts from her.

So how do you minister to someone who has gone through such experiences?  We will tell you what we did as we felt led by the Spirit of God.

She told us that anger was prominent in her family line.  Both her father and grandfather were very violent, angry men.  We had her confess her sin and the sins of her forefathers of anger and rage.  Jesus came to break the power of generational sins and curses and so we said, “We apply the blood of Jesus shed on the cross to set captives free from bondage and in Jesus’ name, we break the power of this generational anger off of her, her children and all future generations.”

We then took the authority that Jesus gave to all believers in Him to cast out evil spirits and commanded in Jesus’ name that every spirit of anger, rage, hatred, malice, murder and death leave her!

After that we anointed her with oil and prayed for healing of the fibromyalgia in Jesus’ name.  She said that on a scale of 1-10, her pain level all over her body was 10 every day and every day she would wake up with tremendous headaches as well.

When we finished, we asked what the pain level was.  It was a 3.  We said, “Let’s praise God!  He is beginning your healing!”

A week or so later, she came in again to allow us to record her story.  She was filled with joy!  We asked about the anger issues.  She said, “I found out my husband was with some other women and that would have caused me to fly into a rage, but this time I didn’t.  I was disappointed, but did not get angry.”  We then asked about the pain level from the fibromyalgia.  It was still a 3 though the headaches were all gone.  We prayed again and this time it went away.

A week or so later, we talked again and she was so overflowing with joy and praise to God.  Her oldest daughter had made a pact with the devil to get something, but then found herself being tormented.  She got so scared that she called her mom and she was able to lead her daughter to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior!  She said, “Tell them that God is able to do miracles in people’s lives who call out to him.”

Iara and I thank so many of you who have partnered with us to make this ministry possible.  For those who feel led to support Sozo’s ministry, we have a donate button on our website or checks made out to Sozo Chattanooga can be sent to the address below.

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